Container Solutions

High quality containers and modules
Gexsys AS supplies high quality containers and modules around the world, working closely with our partners in many areas, and our container solutions and equipment according to relevant needs, requirements and standards. Gexsys has pioneered the acceptance of safety standards in every area in which it operates.
A wide variety of purposes
Containers supplied for the Norwegian Continental Shelf have a wide variety of purposes, and depending on application and their environmental condition, the armament differs widely, preferably selected according to requirements given in standards such as Norsok Z-015.
Containers are used in Hazardous areas
In general, when containers are used in Hazardous areas, various Ex standards will apply for both electrical and mechanical equipment, in addition other standards will also apply. These standards is generally related to lifting, HMS, fire protection, lifting, transport and construction.

The certification of such containers also varies due to a number of factors, such as geographical use, classification society, standards used and container content.

Gexsys AS has a long history in providing container solutions for a large number of key players in the Oil & Gas industry, supplying everything from simple storage units to complex control centres.