Products and Technology

Gexsys AS offers a wide range of products & technology solutions to the oil and gas industry, from basic supplementary engineering to full, turnkey multidiscipline, for both topside and subsea applications.

what we do
Typical solutions for electrical control systems designed and supplied by Gexsys:
  • Workover control system (WOCS) | Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Wellhead control system | Intervention control system
  • SIL SD system | Operator panel | Motor starter panel 
  • Injection control system | Chemical injection unit
  • UPS system | BOP/XMT crane power & interface panel 
  • Electric compressor system | Diesel compressor system
  • HMI system | F&G control system | Breather system
  • Roughneck control system | Alternator | RIO cabinet
  • HPU starter & operator panel | HVAC control system
  • Test & simulator rack | Cooling & heating system
  • Screen washer | BOP control unit | Starter panel
  • Crane & winch control system | Mud pump control
  • Industrial solutions | Electrical solutions for vessels etc. 

Typical products and solutions designed and supplied by Gexsys:
  • Container solutions according to EN-50381/Norsok Z-015/DNV 2.7-2, such as offices, WOCS systems, laboratory, control room container for ROV, well service, workshop, storage container etc.
  • Panels and enclosures, such as Ex; d, e, px, py, pz, i, ma, mb, nA, nC, nR, nL, v2, v3 and combination of mentioned types of protection
  • Victor Lighting Technology 

Our core business is control systems for hazardous areas. We design, assemble, install and certify systems according to customer specifications, or develop systems based on client’s requirements. One of our advantages being a slim business organization makes us very flexible and able to shorten delivery time to a minimum, and help our clients deliver their systems on schedule.
Our core products covers a wide range of application over a large geographically area, and our philosophy is to work in close cooperation with our clients on all stages of a project from concept to finish. By offering cost effective simple tailor made solutions, we strive to increase our client’s competitiveness in their market | Exceeding expectations.