Zone 1 Flourecent


Trident VL125

The Trident range of zone 1 Ex e (Category 2) increased safety luminaire range provides an innovative technological solution for hazardous areas. The low profile, lightweight Trident design features excellent ingress protection and an ambient temperature range of -45 to +55 degrees centigrade, ideal for the most hostile environments.
The VL125 utilizes Victor's cassette relamping technology to ensure simple, long term maintenance without the need for mains isolation.
Trident's high frequency ballast, specifically designed for zone 1 applications, provides continuous monitoring and safe shutdown at the end of lamp life. The control gear also protects from over-voltage and harmonic distortion providing quick lamp start and flicker free operation.
Trident is available as a pole mounted version for street/walkway lighting applications. The epoxy coated stainless steel reflector has been designed to act as a solar shield to prevent UV degridation.
The standard vl125 can be converted to an emergency vl126 by simply changing the lid assembly.
ATEX, GOST & IECEx Approved.
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Trident VL126 Emergency Light

The trident VL126 range of fluorescent luminaire as suitable for zone 1 Ex e (Category 2) for increased safety lighting has design uses a unique 'third lamp' approach.
This dedicated 11W lamp and internal battery, utilized in emergency conditions, ensures lamp efficiency and low cost operation. In the event of a mains power failure, illumination is provided for up to 3 hours. This technology can be retro-fitted to the standard VL125 luminaire.
The vl126 complies with ICEL guidelines for emergency escape route, general and high risk task area emergency lighting requirements. It is ideal for onshore and offshore applications (with submersion for up to 24 hours), chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Trident can be mounted in any orientation, including pole mounting and features cassette relamping for simple long term maintenance.
ATEX, GOST & IECEx approved.
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Pathfinder VL114 Non Emergency & Emergency Light

The pathfinder vl114 range of fluorescent luminaires are suitable for zone 1 ex e (Category 2) for increased safety lighting and are available in standard and emergency versions.
It has a unique 'lamp in lid' design enabling direct inter-changability between standard and emergency versions. The emergency version features an 11W lamp and internal battery that provides illumination for 3 hours in the event of a power failure.
The vl114 has a lightweight but robust low profile construction with IP68 sealing that can be mounted in any orientation.
The Pathfinder can be used for both on and offshore applications and is ideal for installation in areas where glass contamination is prohibited. The cover has fixings for exit signs that are either wall or ceiling mounted.
ATEX, GOST & IECEx Approved.
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