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Cookie Policy

To optimize user experience, this website stores cookies on your device.
Visiting our website, you voluntarily allow us to store cookies on your device. If you do not want this, you can block this in your browser settings.

What are cookies

When you visit a website, small files are stored on your device by your web browser – called cookies. They help us identify your device each time you visit our website and make it possible for us to provide a more personalized service to you. These cookies do not store information about websites other than Gexsys AS. These cookies will not harm your device in any way.

Why do we use cookies

Gexsys AS use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website and to monitor the performance of our website. Cookies allow a more customized visit by storing your information and preferences. Contact information is only used by Gexsys AS to provide a better service to our customers.
Information from cookies will be used by Gexsys AS only, and will NOT be sold to third parties.

Cookies used on Gexsys AS website

Hub spot
Used to collect information about how you use our website, keep track of sessions and store user data.

Google Analytics
Used for Google Analytics to analyse interactions on the website.