• To be the leading supplier of electrical systems for hazardous areas.
    We will achieve this by “exceeding expectations”



Quality policy 

Our quality policy is set to ensure that we meet our standards regarding the quality of the products and services we provide. The policy ensures that Gexsys AS manage our tasks towards our interested parties in a professional way.

We obtain this by:
  • Putting end customer and customer’s needs in focus
  • Ensure a high level of competence in our employees
  • Ensure a good working environment
  • Have good collaboration partners
  • Comply to regulatives set by authorities, and the standards set by the industry
  • Certified quality management system according to ISO9001:2015
We will work to continually improve and maintain the aimed quality of our products and services and thereby ensuring our business’ goals and results.

Quality goals for 2019 

  • 100% on time delivery.
  • 100% quality
  • 100% agreed price
  • Exceed expectations

HSE Policy

Our main HSE goal is to have positive working environment, and to prevent accidents and work-related illness. We will achieve this by having a sturcure of procedures, instructions and routines. We educate both employees and guests in good HSE conduct.

HSE goals for 2019

  • Lower than 2% sick leave
  • 0 work related injuries.

Quality and HSE Policy & Goals